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Spring has sprung at the farm! It's the time of year when the signs of new growth, change, and the true meaning of life becomes apparent. After a few years of soil prep, research, and careful selection of our first rhizomes, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our sweet little baby hops! Like most parents, we have high hopes for these babies... The sky's the limit! We want our little ones to GROW up up up to their fullest potential.


Our newest additions are now happily planted in our hop yard, contiguously

located at the rear of our event pavilion and game area.

To celebrate this new venture, we've launched The Staunton River Brewing Co. Ad[h]option Society...a mug club and so much more - and we believe the first of it's kind in the entire universe!

We realize it takes a village to be a good parent- it's silly to think we can go it alone. Because we believe happy hops are one of the fundamentals of great beer, we are hoping to provide positive reinforcement, a little training, and plenty of disease prevention so these little rhizomes will  give us all something to brag about . 


Now seeking like-minded, beer lovin' folks to be a part of our little society of hop-raisers.


-You get a fancy mug that costs less to fill than our regular pint glasses. It even has your name on it... similar to the monogrammed cooler cups soccer moms use to hydrate during long hours on the sidelines

...only this looks way cooler, and has beer in it.

-We also adorn your hop mound with a fancy little plaque that stakes your claim as a ad[h]opter... not gonna lie, there are legit bragging rights associated with being part of this exclusive society.

- You will receive a fancy certificate plotting the location of your hop mound. It looks pretty cool hanging on the beer fridge. We trust you have one of those;-)

-We'll share updates on our hop mounds- growth milestones, first buds, all the stuff parents like to boast on social media...  and who knows- if your little rhizomes really stand out, we may award them a certificate of achievement, and give them a little extra pat on the bine.

-On harvest day, you'll get lunch for you and a friend. Of course, lunch includes beer. Duh.

If you want to bring more friends, you can sign them up to join the fun for a nominal fee.

- In early Fall, you'll get the true fruits of your labor- 4 bomber bottles of beer crafted with love using the hops from our harvest. ...and you'll have first dibs to pre-order additional bottles to enjoy at your leisure!

Your $80 Membership is valid for 1  farm season, ending 12/31/18, with option for renewal the following year.

Interested in ad[h]option? Come by the brewery for our official Ad[h]option Day April 7th, or email for a membership registration form. Membership is limited to just 36 ad[h]opters for 2018.